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GoSchool - eLearning

eLearning powered by GoSchool is an online platform providing content for Education purpose only. This Platform compiles content from different sources and provides an easy access for the students to retrieve and view the online content specific to their Class and Syllabus.

The content provided in this website are not owned by GoSchool. Content are provided from different sources through links, RSS feeds and HTML embeds. GoSchool is not responsible for any inadvertent errors that may have crept in the contents being published on GoSchool. The content published here are for educational purpose only.

Note: Only Class X and XII content are active in this Platform

What we offer

1. Q & A

This section contains Questions and Answers of various Subjects and Topics listed in the BOSEM and COSHEM

2. Question Set

This section contains Question Set of the Past Examinations Conducted by BOSEM and COSHEM.

3. Econtent

This section contains Video Content from different Sources. The video content is compiled and uploaded as per Syllabus of Manipur Board (COHSEM and BOSEM) currently.

How to Use

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Once Registered an SMS containing Verification Code will be received at the Mobile number provided. Login to the Portal with the registered Login ID and Password and provide the Verification Code to activate your account. There will be two account types

1. Student:

View the Questions and the Past Examination Qustion Sets. Learn online from the Video content in the Econtent section.

2. Teacher/Faculty:

A Teacher or Faculty can use this platform to provide digital content. Please drop us an email to UPGRADE your account to Teacher/Faculty from Student

Some random econtents

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Class X - English - Poetry 1 : Shall I compare thee to a summer's day

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